In’s and Out’s of Tee Shirts

When your shopping it’s hard to find the right thing to buy, and the right place to shop. Sometimes shopping online can be easier than going and fighting the crowds at the store. But, it is nice to be able to try things on. So once you know your size and how things fit you, […]

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Get Your Tan On

Whether the sun is in or out, it’s going to be a beautiful day. There are plans to be made and people to be seen. Every day is a wonderful day to look and feel our best. Many of us look and feel tip-top when we have a gorgeous tan to complement our personal daily […]

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Business Formal vs. Business Casual

Today’s professional world has created several varied dress codes they deem appropriate for the work setting, two of which include business formal and business casual. Companies which have a dress code of business formal prefer their employees to wear a suit, jacket, dress pants or a dress skirt. Any additional accessories worn must adhere to […]

The Rules: Browns and Blacks

Hello there, today I have gathered you all here to hopefully stop a pervasive lie that nearly everyone and their grandma has heard before. You can’t wear browns with blacks. I don’t know who started it, maybe it was just kind of like the telephone game where somebody told somebody else the real rule and […]

Scarves-A Beginner’s Guide

Well it’s time, it’s getting colder and your neck is not immune. The scarf can be an intimidating item of clothing; how do you wear it? Will people think I’m pretentious if I wear a scarf? And a host of other questions have been asked time and time again. But don’t fret, because high risk […]

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